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Wherever you are in your construction journey, we provide tailored services that will efficiently meet your needs and exceed all expectations. Our diverse team of experts are some of the most sought after in the industry because they have experience clients can rely on.

What separates SolTerra Engineering, Inc. from our competitors is the fact that we bring 45 years of specialized experience to the table. Our engineers are uniquely qualified to manage your project—and since we specialize in construction, we are capable of solving any construction problem that may arise.

Civil Engineering

The broad scope of what we do here as an engineering, inspection and testing agency.

Inspections & Testing

See our wide range of inspection and testing services.

Project Approach

Our project approach is tested by real experience in our fields of expertise.

Civil Engineering

We take a common sense approach to all aspects of civil engineering projects, both public and private.  SolTerra has a unique perspective on design and extensive experience with the myriad of disciplines required for quality construction. 

Site Design


Pavement Management Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Public Infrastructure

Wastewater Management

Spill Prevention Countermeasure and Control Plans

Stormwater Management Pollution Prevention Plans

Construction Administration

Inspection & Testing Services

We are proud to offer a wide range of inspection and testing capabilities relevant to your project, and our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with materials testing— both in the laboratory and in the field. 

The following is a list of testing services that we provide:


Grout, Mortar, Concrete Masonry units/prism, Reinforced Steel Inspection


Bearing Strata, Excavation, Water-infiltration and Casing


Reinforced Steel Inspection, Vapor barrier, Dowels, Adhesive Anchors


Unified Soil Classification System, Atterberg Limits, Moisture Content, Particle Size Distribution, Moisture Density Relationships


Design Verification, Bulk Specific Gravity of Cores


Test Specimens, Curing of Test Specimens, Compressive Strength


Lay-down observation, Temperature, Establishing Roller Patterns, Density – Nuclear Densometer, Coring\Sampling


In-situ Density – Nuclear Densometer/Sand Cone, Proof Rolling Observation


Slump, Air Content, Unit Weight, Temperature, Casting of Test Specimens

Project Approach

We are committed to the success of our clients and their projects. Our Project Team has extensive experience and expertise in quality control engineering, materials testing, and construction inspections. Within that experience lies a significant number of projects in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Idaho.

The following outlines our capabilities to perform quality control inspection and testing services for one or more capital construction projects on an on-call basis.

Civil Engineering

We specialize in cost effective solutions and producing quality production from planning through construction. Our primary goal is to provide our communities with quality water, safe roads, and a modern design approach.

Quality Control Engineering

As Quality Control Engineers, SolTerra has been responsible for providing a selection of the best practices— determining the level of quality, and taking the appropriate steps to maintain or improve the process. We provide Quality Control Engineering services for vertical construction, mine reclamation, and road construction.


Inspection of rebar, vapor barrier, drill & epoxy and drilled piers are services we provide on an as-requested basis that will be completed prior to, or in conjunction with, site grading, trench backfill, street paving, curb and gutter, forming, and all other operations.

Laboratory Testing & Evaluation of Soils

Laboratory testing of soils include moisture density relationships (Standard and Modified proctors), sieve analysis, and plasticity determinations as Atterberg Limits.

Field Nuclear Denisty

We complete our field density-compaction testings on an as-requested basis, and our on-site tests are conducted to ensure the soil being tested are up to standards. In the event that soils appear different than those tested in the laboratory, our materials engineers will work with the design team for a quick and efficient resolution.

Field & Laboratory Evaluation of Concrete

Field concrete tests are also completed on an as-requested basis—and during placement of concrete, our field technician performs slump, air content, unit weight, and temperature tests in conjunction with casting compressive strength test cylinders.

Field Testing of Hot Plant Mix Bituminous Pavement

Field asphalt testing includes lay-down observation, temperature measurements, assisting contractor with developing roller patterns, in-situ densities utilizing nuclear gauge methods, asphalt coring, and sampling of hot plant mix.

Special Inspections

Special inspections include reinforced steel, masonry, drilled pier, micro-piles, and floor flatness — and are conducted on an as requested basis where we verify orientation, spacing, penetration, and F(f) F(l) numbers.

Laboratory Evaluation & Testing of Hot Plant Mix Pavement

Laboratory testing includes mix verification consisting of asphalt content, sieve analysis of extracted aggregate, Marshall test, maximum theoretical specific gravity, bulk specific gravity for density determination, and thickness measurements of asphalt cores.

Reporting, Review and Working With the Engineer of Record

Depending on the project, we understand a review of testing reports and invoices may be required. We provide all requested information and fully cooperate with the Engineer of Record during this process— summarized reports of tests and observations will be submitted in writing to both the client and Engineer of Record on a weekly basis to ensure everything is running smoothly.